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What is Results On Purpose?

Results On Purpose is a business framework with one powerful idea at its core: "What results must each person clearly own at every position to achieve extraordinary results for the company?" By focusing on straight forward concepts, developing leadership abilities, and a system of accountability, business owners across the country are accelerating the growth of their company while gaining Freedom, increasing Profit, and having more Fun!

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Today, Results On Purpose is used by entrepreneurs and their leadership teams around the country in manufacturing, insurance, finance, real estate, architecture, marketing, shipping, business services, and more.

The core fundamental concept of Results On Purpose is that leaders must align and make crystal clear what Results each person in the company Owns (described in a single sentence) and what it looks like when they are succeeding.

When the Results that everyone Owns are clear, accountability becomes easy. Just as one crosses the finish line...or they don't, the Results are achieved...or they're not. Only with such clarity can consistent improvement and growth be achieved.

When You Implement Results On Purpose At Your Company

Get Everyone On The Same Page

The difference is profound when everyone in a business is on the same page about Mission, Mindset, Priorities, Behavior, Expected Results and how to Measure them.

Ironically though, there are few businesses out there that build alignment amongst their people whether it's 500 employees or 5. Nor do they systematically check and realign themselves.

Even when good work is being done by many people, being a few degrees off from each other, over time, means progress is being slowed, the owner gets pulled into the weeds, and profits are being lost.

Imagine the impact when every employee knows the company Goals, why their role matters, and how they should perform!

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Build a Culture of Accountability

Lack of Accountability is about Perspective.

Most of us focus on "doing our jobs" which is usually about doing the stuff required to keep the business moving, take care of customers, and so on.

However, the Great businesses have everyone focusing on getting defined Results.

Imagine a Culture where people are not trying to look or be busy, but rather they are trying to get Results in the most efficient way possible.

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Streamline Operations

Things tend to get complicated over time.

Business gets a little bit more complex with the addition of every new employee, customer, product or service. The work gets done, but the complexity can continually pull you or other leaders into the weeds reducing your freedom and profitability.

Figuring out how to get the right Results simply and consistently with measurements and feedback tends to free up both leaders and other resources.

Imagine a company where the operational work is governed by documented best practices and followed by everyone to get consistent Results.

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Level Up Marketing and Sales

This is often the hardest area to grow.

It takes relentless focus, measurement, and accountability to build and maintain a pipeline that consistently generates new customers.

For many entrepreneurs, this is the greatest sticking point. Our experience has taught us that it is a lot harder when people are not on the same page and when the business struggles with accountability or operational issues. But then...

Imagine the execution of a marketing and sales plan that achieves the budgeted revenue year in and year out.

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Get Yourself Out Of The Weeds

The business doesn't really take off until the owner has the Freedom to lead into the future instead of reacting to the present.

As the leaders and then the rest of the staff get on the same page, accept accountability for Results, streamline operations, and level up marketing and sales, you the owner have less to "manage" and can spend time leading.

Of course, the Freedom to manage less also allows you to take more personal time away from the business without worry.

Imagine spending more time thinking about and executing on the next market, product, service, territory, acquisition, or just scaling up.

Enjoy The Freedom & Profit

It's why you became an Entrepreneur!

You believed you could build something better.

You wanted the Freedom to choose your own direction and to control your own time.

You wanted the financial rewards that come with being an entrepreneur.

And you wanted others to love working in your company.

You can have it all with...