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Business Coaching and Leadership Team Development for Entrepreneurs

What if I told you that you can…

  • Build a Results Focused Culture of Accountability

  • Develop Key People to be Great Leaders

  • Gain More Time Freedom

  • Increase Profit

  • ALL WHILE… Having More Fun

    Make These Challenges A Thing Of The Past

    You have meetings to set goals, identify opportunities, and solve problems, but can't quite get everyone on the same page... leading to repeat meetings

    Your leaders and staff are busy and working hard, but struggle to perform consistently or to get the expected results

    You try to work on your business at a strategic level, but you're always getting pulled into the weeds

    You have operational inefficiency because not everyone is doing things the same way

    Your revenue growth and profit are not as predictable as you would like

    You're not having enough fun and lack the personal freedom you thought you would have as an owner

    With Results On Purpose Coaching, your leadership team will plan the company's future and make it true.

    The Report Card

    I'm Jeff Garrison — Founder of Results On Purpose

    For several years now we've been helping owners and their leadership teams to accelerate the growth of their companies while gaining more freedom and having more fun.

    Using our report card, these leadership teams identify where they are starting and to measure their progress as they build a Results On Purpose company. I'm giving it away to anyone who wants to see what it takes.

    If you want a free copy of the report card...

    Download Your Free Business Report Card

    Real Results for Real Entrepreneurs

    See how other business owners have leveraged Results On Purpose to accelerate their own growth.

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    How Much Is The Status Quo Costing You?

  • How many weeks, months, and even years have you lost because plans don't get executed as planned, on time, on budget... or at all?

  • How much frustration has been experienced and customer goodwill lost because a "wrong person" for the culture was kept around too long?

  • How much faster could your business be growing today if sales and operations were both if there was a clear and measurable system of accountability?

  • How many mistakes have been made and resources squandered because there is not enough open, honest, and timely communication in the company?

  • How much better would you feel if you were confident everyone knew exactly what Results they Owned and how to get them (without you getting in the weeds with them)?

  • Business Improvement And Growth Shouldn't Be So Hard

    You've got good products and services. You've regularly set goals, made some good hires, landed some good customers, read books, attended workshops, worked on sales and marketing, taken steps forward and then backward. You're doing what everyone says you should do, but not getting the kind of results you want. Business improvement and growth shouldn't be so hard.

    Get yourself out of the weeds while driving growth with Results On Purpose

    We'll coach you and your people how to plan and execute on your goals and strategies. Operations will improve and your team will learn what it looks like to take accountability for day to day Results they Own. As the coaching takes hold and your team becomes more focused and accountable, you will find yourself out of the weeds.

    Start seeing results in weeks, not months... or never.

    Building what we call a "Super Bowl caliber" team does not happen overnight, but company after company achieves significant improvement after just a few meetings. Stop wasting time and start driving real Results... On Purpose.

    Talk To A Coach

    How To Get Started With Results On Purpose

    Results on Purpose Academy

    Every business needs to hire good people and manage performance in all areas as well as learn how to train sales people. Our ROPA includes powerful online resources to take your business to a new level. Courses are available on your schedule to meet your needs.

    Get Access To The Academy Now

    Praise for Results On Purpose

    “Hiring Jeff and deploying his 'Results On Purpose' program was the best decision I made in 2018 and gave our organization the highest ROI. Our leadership team now has clearly defined accountability roles and every quarter each member of our leadership team establishes new deliverables “working on the business” and they do deliver.

    Multiply 5 deliverables by 4 quarters and look how much our business accomplishes “on purpose” in a year. Bottom line: Jeff rocks!"

    Larry Kagan


    Baron Payroll, New York

    “'Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results; influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.' Robin S. Sharma. This quote speaks volumes about the desire I have for my business. In the course of implementing Results On Purpose at SDP, Jeff sparked our Leadership team to embody this quote. He also embodies these words himself in the way he encourages, provides direction and keeps us on track with Results On Purpose."

    Renita Bess


    Southland Data Processing, Los Angeles

    “We are going on our third year working with Jeff and the Results On Purpose system. We know who we are as a company and have assembled the right people in leadership to do great things. We are now so focused and efficient that we have tripled our annual revenue while reducing our payroll expense in half.

    Our initial vision was to grow 50X and we are well on our way! Ironically, as an owner I have more freedom than ever before!"

    Paul Abel

    Founder & Visionary

    Poster Elite, San Diego

    The Origins Of Results On Purpose

    There is no new wisdom under the sun! Having run a successful (and sometimes not so successful) business for near a decade, with the help of mentors, coaches, and trainers, we developed successful, scalable business practices. For another decade we have continued to learn, update, and refine the Results On Purpose system and coaching as we have helped dozens of owners and leadership teams gain more freedom, achieve greater profit, and have more fun.