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ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: Are You Serious About Taking It To The Next Level?

Get More FREEDOM, Multiply Your PROFITS,

And Develop An Awesome Business CULTURE!

  • Results On Purpose Coaching

  • Get Everyone on the Same Page! 

  • Build a Culture of Accountability!

  • Streamline Operations!

  • Level Up Marketing & Sales!

  • Get Yourself Out of the Weeds!

  • Enjoy More Freedom & Profit!

  • We have been working with Jeff for a little over a year. The results for our company have been nothing short of amazing. We had our best year ever and doubled profits! Jeff has been a big part in this.


    Steve Welty, President

    Good Life Property Management, San Diego

    Get Everyone On The Same Page

    The difference is profound when everyone in a business is on the same page about Mission, Mindset, Priorities, Behavior, Expected Results and how to Measure them.

    Ironically though, there are few businesses out there that build alignment amongst their people whether it's 500 employees or 5. Nor do they systematically check and realign themselves.

    Even when good work is being done by many people, being a few degrees off from each other, over time, means progress is being slowed, the owner gets pulled into the weeds, and profits are being lost.

    Imagine the impact when every employee knows the company Goals, why their role matters, and how they should perform!

    An amazing transformation started after three days. We know who we are as a company and have assembled the right people in leadership to do great things. We are now so focused and efficient that in nine quarters we have tripled our annual revenue while cutting our payroll expense in half. Our initial vision was to grow 50X and we are well on our way! Ironically, as an owner I have more freedom than ever before!

                           Paul Abel, Founder & Visionary

    Poster Elite, San Diego


    Build A Culture of Accountability

    Lack of Accountability is about Perspective.

    Most of us focus on "doing our jobs" which is usually about doing the stuff required to keep the business moving, take care of customers, and so on.

    However, the Great businesses have everyone focusing on getting defined Results. 

    Imagine a Culture where people are not trying to look or be busy, but rather they are trying to get Results in the most efficient way possible.

    Hiring Jeff and deploying his “Results On Purpose” program was the best decision I made in 2018 and gave our organization the highest ROI. Our leadership team now has clearly defined accountability roles and every quarter each member of our leadership team establishes new deliverables “working on the business” and they do deliver. Multiply 5 deliverables by 4 quarters and look how much our business accomplishes “on purpose” in a year. Bottom line: Jeff rocks!

                             Larry Kagan, President

    Baron Payroll, New York

    Streamline Operations

    Things tend to get complicated over time.

    Business gets a little bit more complex with the addition of every new employee, customer, product or service. The work gets done, but the complexity can continually pull you or other leaders into the weeds reducing your freedom and profitability.

    Figuring out how to get the right Results simply and consistently with measurements and feedback tends to free up both leaders and other resources.

    Imagine a company where the operational work is governed by documented best practices and followed by everyone to get consistent Results.

    Jeff is Amazing! He has helped me and my team at Highway 85 Creative to tap into our full potential…make the tough decisions needed to grow….and align our actions and planning to put all of us on the same mission. Having his outside eyes looking in has been invaluable.

                              Guy Zwick, President

    Highway 85 Creative, Phoenix


    Level Up Marketing & Sales

    This is often the hardest area to grow.

    It takes relentless focus, measurement, and accountability to build and maintain a pipeline that consistently generates new customers.

    For many entrepreneurs, this is the greatest sticking point. Our experience has taught us that it is a lot harder when people are not on the same page and when the business struggles with accountability or operational issues. But then... 

    Imagine the execution of a marketing and sales plan that achieves the budgeted revenue year in and year out.

    “Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results; influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire teammates and customers.” Robin S. Sharma.This quote speaks volumes about the desire I have for my business. In the course of implementing Results On Purpose at SDP, Jeff sparked our Leadership team to embody this quote. He also embodies these words himself in the way he encourages, provides direction and keeps us on track with Results On Purpose.

                      Renita Bess, President

    Southland Data Processing, Los Angeles


    Get Yourself Out Of The Weeds

    The business doesn't really take off until the owner has the Freedom to lead into the future instead of reacting to the present.

    As the leaders and then the rest of the staff get on the same page, accept accountability for Results, streamline operations, and level up marketing and sales, you the owner have less to "manage" and can spend time leading.

    Of course, the Freedom to manage less also allows you to take more personal time away from the business without worry.

    Imagine spending more time thinking about and executing on the next market, product, service, territory, acquisition, or just scaling up.

    We’ve been working with Jeff for the past two years and his impact on our company has been incredible! Jeff introduced us to tools that have improved every aspect of our business and, more importantly, he’s coached us on how to most effectively use these tools. Jeff and his coaching have become integral to our company and I look forward to our continued growth together. 

                           Brad Jones, President

    Bella Baby Photography, Chicago

    Enjoy The Freedom & Profit

    It's why you became an Entrepreneur!

    You believed you could build something better. 

    You wanted the Freedom to choose your own direction and to control your own time. 

    You wanted the financial rewards that come with being an entrepreneur.

    And you wanted others to love working in your company.

    You can have it all with...

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